PDC Approved Pole Instructor Training - The Ultimate Instructors Training

The ultimate instructors training poleThe Ultimate Instructors Training was created by PDC Approved 4 star pole dancing instructor Lesley Jackson. Lesley is also the proprietor or Pole Guns. Poleguns has always wanted to share our knowledge with other instructors way before we were Poleguns & Aerial, Since 2013 we had the dream to create the ultimate pole instructor training course and this has finally become a reality.

The ultimate instructors pole trainingThis face to face course covers all you need to feel confident in your teaching.
We cover all you expect and things you may not.
The aim is for you to give your students the best start on their pole journey and for you, the instructors, to have all the support you need to feel confident and at ease teaching what ever might come your way.

The Ultimate Instructors Training

Have you trained in pole for over 18 months and want to take the next step?
We offer a two and a half day training course with the option of additional first aid training.

What We Offer

The ultimate instructors training poleFace-to-Face only training.
Beginners/Intermediate/Advanced* Training.

We have put together what we believe to be a very comprehensive and detailed training course. The aim of which is to give you the best skills, and student understanding, to help you excel in your teaching.

Customer service
Studio and equipment
Students and their needs
Body works
Warm ups and cool downs
Class planning
Pole moves and break downs
Spotting and applications
First aid training (optional add-on)

This course is classroom and studio based, with more time spent on the practical side aiming to give you everything you need to be the instructor you want to be.The ultimate pole instructors training ley jackson

Ultimate Instructors Training Course Costs:

Beginners / Intermediate/Advanced* = £220

(This includes a course manual in PDF format and certificate)

Beginners / Intermediate + Add on first aid training from N_lighten* = £295


*First aid training option only available when training at Pole Guns and Aerial, Newcastle.

(This includes a course manual in PDF format, a certificate and a first aid certificate)

Your training can take place over 2 or 2 and a half days depending hours undertaken per day.

* Set over 2 days face to face training the ultimate instructor course offers Advanced pole instructors training
this course covers teaching techniques, students behaviour, how to know they are ready to move on,
progressions and regressions spotting,
training plans for your students and more.
The cost is £220 this includes a PDF of training manual or physical manual for a cost of £15.
To do this training you must have poled for a minimum of two years and done our beginners/intermediate training or a recognised equivalent.
Our training is Active IQ accredited

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