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PDC Approved course, Ecole De Pole Instructor training is run by PDC Approved 4 star pole dancing instructor Justine McLucas.

Ecole de Pole Teacher TrainingPDC Approved course, Ecole de Pole Instructor training; online and face to face courses run by PDC Approved 4 star pole dancing instructor Justine McLucas.

 Online and Face to Face accredited instructor Training Courses, the internationally recognised Ecole de Pole Master Training series are available across the globe to all through our web based distance Learning Management portal, or at your studio.    
Based on functional teaching methodology written by Justine McLucas, each course builds on the knowledge of the previous from beginner foundation skills, right up to Advanced spotting for flips and drops, with a focus on ways to see real results and technical growth in your students. Participants will develop a high skill level in technical instruction, by identifying muscles and joints used in pole grips and tricks, ways to correct technique and build strength with an emphasis on safety and injury prevention to support their students throughout their pole journey.
Suitable as an instructor training tool, for new or experienced teachers, the courses will also provide insight and skills for the pole dancer wishing to further their own personal understanding of pole training even if not to teach, but to apply improved techniques and training methods to their pole workouts.
EDP MASTER Training Courses are approved by Fitness Australia and the American Council on Exercise (ACE) and will earn you CECs.Ecole de approved Pole Instructor Training course
Our Mission is to provide quality instructor training across all levels that is accessible and affordable, sharing knowledge and providing personal development to teachers and polers with safer technique and a thorough understanding of pole dancing and anatomy, developing skills that can be practically applied to training and instructing.
Course Objectives:
• Understand how to safely adapt tricks to suit the varying needs and fitness levels of students across all levels
• Identify muscles required, and correct the technique of students using watch out points and tips during the exercise or movement
• Understand how to structure pole routines, incorporating musicality and dance aspects and how to deliver this to a class
• Demonstrate safe and effective spotting as inversions are introduced
• Understand functional and efficient movement and how to implement these ideologies in the execution of pole technique

Ecole du pole teacher trainingPDC Approved 3 star pole dancing instructor and Ecole Du Pole trainer Naomi Brown said "
This course fully embodies the principles of being a pole instructor. The detail and structure prepare the students to completely understand and more than adequately instruct classes. Particularly the emphasis on using the correct techniques in both and teaching and spotting and then understanding why things are taught a particular way. E.g. Looking into anatomy and physiology to grasp why engagement of particular muscles is important. It also covers the troubleshooting or typical issues that most instructors come across in their career so they can be ready to manage those situations when they arise."

PDC Approved 3 star instructor Tammy Grindlay said "Having previously obtained my personal training qualifications, and being a pole instructor with 7 years experience, I was incredibly impressed with the level of detail within the course content. The course goes into depth on anatomy, technique and engagement, along with other essential skills such as class preparation and musicality. When I first began pole dancing, the industry was new, and instructors did not have a lot of knowledge on anatomy and technique. As a result of poor instruction, I developed many avoidable injuries. If resources such as this course were available at the time it could have prevented these injuries. And mine is not an isolated case.Ecole de Pole Instructor Training
Unfortunately, while there have been some improvements in the industry, there is still many underqualified/inexperienced instructors and high injury rates. I believe this course can have a direct affect on injury prevention and athlete/client sustainability through increased anatomical knowledge and technique breakdown among instructors.
Developed through years of experience, research & successful implementation in-house for over 10 years at Ecole de Pole studios in London, UK, Singapore & Cleveland, USA; the EDP courses are now available to the public as affordable training to develop your skills for teaching pole classes effectively, safely and with absolute confidence.

Graduates will be accepted for insurance by DanceSurance Australia (subject to meeting all other underwriting conditions), and receive $20 off their first annual premium.

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